Follow-Up Session: 40 minutes

     The 90 minute session is set up so that when we’re through, you’ll feel confident enough to implement positive changes into your life. 

     However, sometimes it’s nice to have a follow-up appointment so we can talk about how those changes went and how to adjust them even further to benefit your life to the fullest. This is a great opportunity to check in and see how you’re doing with your progress. 

     In this session, we’ll look at the goals you set in the first session, we’ll talk about your achievements, and we’ll find ways to create even more success in your life. This session can either be over the phone, video chat, or in person depending on your location and your preference.

     To book this session, you must first schedule and complete a nutrition consultation appointment. If you’re looking for something short and sweet without a proper consultation, I recommend scheduling an advice session.

To schedule your follow-up session, please choose “Follow-Up Session” from the drop down menu and use the calendar below to choose a time that works for you. Then, click the “BOOK NOW” button and purchase a session. You must make a payment AND schedule your appointment for the transaction to be complete. I will then send you the forms via email.