Nutrition Consultation: 90 minutes

      This is the longest session I offer and it’s designed tailored to you! Before we begin, you’ll fill out questionnaires about your health, habits, and goals you’re hoping to achieve so that I can review them and come up with a personalized game plan. We’ll begin the session with an introduction in order for you to feel safe and comfortable utilizing me as a guide through the new territory of changes.

      I will always meet you where you’re at and find ways to help implement change into your diet and lifestyle that aren’t out of reach or overwhelming. We’ll go over things step by step so that I can teach you simple changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals. I’ll offer advice, tips, and resources to allow you to feel in control of any changes you are ready to make. We’ll end the session with setting feasible goals of your choosing and help you feel motivated and determined to accomplish big things!

      After the session I’ll send you your customized meal plan or meal idea list depending on which you’d prefer, along with educational resources I’ve compiled specifically for your needs. This session can either be over the phone, video chat, or in person depending on your location and your preference.

      All sessions must be scheduled two weeks prior. Prior to your consultation, I will send you paperwork you must read, understand, and sign. This includes a PAR-Q and a Medical Release Agreement if required. 

      To schedule a nutrition consultation, please be sure “Nutrition Consultation” is selected from the drop down menu, then use the calendar below to choose a time that works for you. Then, click the “BOOK NOW” button below and purchase a session. You must make a payment AND schedule your appointment for the transaction to be complete. I will then send you the forms via email. 

      Thank you so much, and I look forward to working with you!