English Ivy Cutting


A cutting from my English ivy plant so you can grow a plant of your own!

Please read the full description below for details.


English ivy is an invasive species in the United States, meaning it takes over the natural ecosystems. Species get the title ‘invasive’ when they are very good at thriving in new environments and are able to beat out the natural plants of the area. Because of how resilient English ivy is, it makes a perfect house plant for beginners! Seriously- I had my cuttings in cactus soil for a while because it was the only soil I had at the time, and the plant still grew! This plant will grow in any light condition (besides total darkness) and doesn’t mind being a bit under-watered or over-watered. It thrives in humidity but is fine with average human conditions.

Please do not allow this plant to grow outdoors but rather enjoy the beauty of the ivy inside your home.

Its unique shaped leaves bring their own vibe into your space. Personally, I love how tiny the baby leaves are when they first appear. It’s one of those plants you can basically forget about and when you notice it again, it’ll have done so much growth you won’t be able to help how proud you feel!

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