Heartleaf Philodendron Cutting


A cutting from my heartleaf philodendron plant so you can grow your own!

Please read the full description below for details.


Philodendrons are one of the most forgiving plants, making them the perfect first house plant to harness your green thumb! The heartleaf philodendron gets its name from the heart shape of the leaves and is solid green in color. Philodendrons and pothos are similar plants but do have key differences. The ones I’ll mention here: philodendrons grow slower than pothos and tend to have smaller leaves. There is something so delicate and feminine about a hanging planter with heartleaf philodendron vines trailing all around – they almost seem to bounce off their vines – whereas pothos plants tend to have more of a heavy, strong, masculine energy. Both are fantastic, beautiful species!

This plant enjoys bright, indirect light but is okay in darker spaces, too. Regular humidity levels work well with this plant. Water it thoroughly once the soil has dried, but they are resilient if conditions are variable.

The mother plant pictured is not for sale. It is just to show you what your cutting can turn into given time, love, and care. The leaf pictured is not the exact leaf you will receive but rather an example of what the leaf will look like. I have provided a photo with a circled area of where the roots will grow from.

Each leaf’s stem will be wrapped in sphagnum moss and plastic wrap before being shipped. Once arrived, please place the circled area in filtered water. Change water every few days and be sure to check the level of the water daily so that the stem is fully submerged. You should see roots within a few weeks to a month depending on conditions.

Price includes shipping.

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