Marble Queen Pothos Cutting


A cutting from my marble queen pothos for you to grow a plant of your own!

Please read the full description below for details.


There’s a reason why pothos plants are so popular- they’re beautiful, easy to care for, and have the ability to grow large, luxurious leaves. They are the perfect plant for beginners, so if you’re someone who lacks a green thumb this plant is for you! The marble queen pothos variety is one of the lightest varieties of pothos, giving way to remarkable leaves ranging from green to yellow to white. My favorite aspect about this variety is how the baby leaves are born very light and fragile and as they age they’ll darken and grow into their spots. This plant thrives best with bright, indirect light and occasional mistings to increase its humidity. Water thoroughly once the soil has dried out for best results.

The mother plant pictured is not for sale. It is just to show you what your cutting can turn into given time, love, and care.

The leaf pictured is not the exact leaf you will receive but rather an example of what the leaf will look like. I have provided a photo with a circled area of where the roots will grow from.

Each leaf’s stem will be wrapped in sphagnum moss and plastic wrap before being shipped. Once arrived, please place the circled area in filtered water. Change the water every few days and be sure to check the level of the water daily so that the stem is fully submerged. You should see roots within a few weeks to a month depending on conditions.

Price includes shipping.

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