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I created a variety of e-downloads to easily assist anyone who is looking for a quick resource to living a more holistic lifestyle. My Grocery Lists, DIY Goal Setting Journal, or the Beginner’s Guide to Holistic Living E-book are all great places for your journey to begin.

Starting at $3

Nutrition Consultation: 90 minutes

In this stand alone session, we take an in depth look at your holistic health and discuss tips or strategies to make changes in your life that you are ready for. 


Follow Up: 40 minutes

      This session is available for those of you who have completed a nutrition consultation and have decided you would like another appointment with me to touch on your achievements and challenges. Through this follow-up session, we talk about the progress you’ve made so far and how we can take your goals even further!


Interactive Sessions: four 60 minute sessions

     This program consists of four 60 minute sessions over the course of one or two months; your choice. This program gives us time to fully explore your diet, goals, and lifestyle. Through this program we will work together to implement positive changes to your life that will stick for good!


Advice Session: 30 minutes

     If you’re  interested in asking questions about holistic nutrition, diet, and lifestyle without having a proper consultation, this session is for you! You’ll send me a few questions you have before the session and I’ll provide answers to the best of my ability.


Why work with me?

I am dedicated to helping every human learn how and why to eat more plants. I firmly believe that knowledge is power, and I want to give you the power you need to change your life for the better. Through my passion, commitment, and attention to detail, I know you’ll come out of this experience having learned good habits that will stick.

Every one of us is on our own personal journey flying through space on this giant ball of rock and water. With empathy and compassion, I try my best to see life through your eyes, working with you to come up with a plan to improve your overall health and happiness.

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