traveling as a plant based human

     Traveling is sometimes anxiety-provoking by itself, so adding food to the complexity of actions can seem a bit daunting. In this post, I list tips that can help you combat hanger on vacation!

  1.  Plan ahead! I know I say this regularly but it really makes a difference. When looking up the vacation destination, look into restaurants that you want to check out, or where the local grocery store will be. Write down the addresses and names of establishments if it helps you.
  2. Keep the above planning in a journal! This makes the process of planning a fun thing to look back on. You can even leave space for a review or reflection during your vacation. Create a doodle of your meals!
  3. Pack your meals. Some people already do this for vacations to save money, and it really does help! This method ensures you can have adequate nutrient consumption during your trip. I typically always bring protein oats, snacks, natural peanut butter, bananas, avocados, and a can of soup depending on where I’m going!
  4. When you get there, pick up certain things like fresh fruit (berries!), nuts/seeds, and a gallon of water. Too often we’re so busy on vacation that we forget to properly hydrate! Buying a gallon allows you to keep an eye on your consumption. Aim to drink the entire thing in a 24-36 hour period. 
  5. This is when buying healthy snack bars in bulk comes in handy. I always have a few varieties in my cupboard, so I pack a bunch and keep at least one on me most times I’m away from my luggage.
  6. For airports: you can bring pre packaged foods through security! So I recommend things like sandwiches, wraps, pb&j, etc. Finding meals in airports can be difficult and pricy. I once found myself purchasing a salad at one place and a bagel separately because I wanted some sort of grain in my meal. Some airports are more plant-based friendly than others! See tip #7.
  7. Look up your airports’ map and restaurants before you leave. If you have a long enough layover, you’ll be able to find restaurants that accommodate you quickly. I started doing this to ease my anxiety about traveling alone, and it’s such a helpful tool. You might not know what gate you’ll land in, but once you arrive you’ll have something to do while the plane sits on the taxiway.
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