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First things first...

     Your diet choices are just that – your choices. In some cases, doctors will order a strict WFPBD (whole food plant based diet), often with no oil and occasionally even no nuts. If you are someone who’s in this boat – I hope this post will be helpful for you to learn what brands and products are safe! Remember to always check the ingredients, as things are subject to change at any time. 

     However if you’re just trying to live a more plant-based lifestyle, your options will be greater than just WFPB brands. Again, always check the ingredients. If you’re trying to avoid all dairy, be sure to look out for milk powder. If you’re trying to avoid all animal products, familiarize yourself with the nonvegan ingredients found in common products. 

     I’m not going to list the products such as nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, and vegetables as of course those are plant foods!
However a note on nuts/seeds: check the ingredients on nuts, seeds, and nut/seed butters as often times there is added oil, natural flavors, or sugars that you could do without!

     The brands I have listed below are brands I can find near me in your average grocery store (New England region of the USA). I have designated which brands are only found online. All of the brands listed use minimal ingredients and no oil. Some of the brands have variations that are not oil-free, so always check the ingredients! There are multiple resources online for this type of stuff, so feel free to collect your own dataset for your area! For now, I’ve provided three brands for each category. However, as time progresses I hope to add to this list, so be sure to follow me on social media for updates.

Snack Brands

  • LARABAR – date bars
  • Bare Snacks – dried fruit chips
  • Bear Snacks – fruit roll ups


  • Ezekiel Breads
  • Dave’s Killer Breads
  • Food For Life Breads


  • Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • Waza Crackers
  • some Trader Joe’s varieties

Dips & Condiments

  • Cedar’s fat & oil free hummus
  • Cava traditional and roasted red pepper hummus
  • Amy’s medium salsa

Pasta Sauces

  • Mamasezz (online)
  • Delallo traditional spaghetti & premium pasta sauces
  • oil/sugar-free tomato sauce + spices like oregano, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, etc.


  • Barilla lentil, chickpea, & gluten free pasta varieties
  • Lotus Foods noodles
  • Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods noodle cups


  • Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods soups
  • Plantstrong stew/chili (online)
  • Edward & Son’s


  • Go Raw granola
  • Plantstrong (online)
  •  Nana Joe’s

     Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this post, I’m so glad you’re interested in a whole food plant based diet!! Please consider supporting me by purchasing resources for yourself, or consider having a one-on-one consultation with me! If neither of those interest you and you still want to support me, you can see what homemade goods and plants I have to offer here. Thank you so much!

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